About Tiendanube | Nuvemshop

Our purpose at Nuvemshop (or Tiendanube, in Spanish speaking countries) is to make it possible for local entrepreneurs and SMBs to succeed. Latin America is a harsh region in nature when it comes to developing businesses and our job is to be entrepreneurs and SMBs ally in this journey.

We are the largest e-commerce technology platform by number of active SMBs and we are growing in the high double digits year over year. Our five year goal is to be an indisputable leader in each of the main Latin American economies, impacting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and SMBs and driving billions of dollars in GMV. We are venture backed by the finest investors in the region, including Kaszek Ventures, Elevate Equity, IGNIA Partners, NXTP Labs, and FJ Labs among other world class angel investors. We have offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Belo Horizonte and remote collaborators in other regions.

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